At Boca Integrative Health you can obtain comprehensive evaluation and treatment of the mind and body for adolescents and adults.  Our multidisciplinary team employs physical, mental and nutritional approaches to optimize health, focus and chance for success.

In addition to providing exceptional and personal routine care, both our doctors and psychiatry team dig deep to get to the root cause of your problems.


Primary Care Medicine

Primary care is your most important link to good health because it is generally the starting point for all health concerns.  At Boca Integrative Health you can obtain comprehensive physical examinations, well-woman exams, birth control and illness treatment in the old style of a physician who spends time and gets to know you.



Good psychiatric care can make the difference between being happy or unhappy, productive or lazy, lively or lethargic.  The roots of these differences may run deep, and Boca Integrative Health’s thorough and ongoing evaluation and comprehensive care will maximize your opportunity to dramatically improve your life.


Psychological Testing

At Boca Integrative Health we use state of the art psych testing techniques to identify, with the highest degree of accuracy possible, a person’s current level of psychological functioning.

Generally, psychological testing quantifies and assesses intelligence and mental/emotional functioning.



Good health and good nutrition go hand in hand.  By feeding ourselves the right fuel we live longer and more important, healthier lives.  In today’s society, people enjoy careers, hobbies, relationships and activities far longer than people even one generation ago.  But the old adage, “an apple a day…” only tells part of the story.